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Phool Bankar Muskarana Zindagi,
Muskarake Gum Bhulana Zindagi,
Jeet Kar Koi Khush Ho To Kya Hua,
Haar Kar Khushiya Manana Bhi Zindagi..

I cascade through the looking glass
with you cradled in my frozen hands.
Diving into the depths of false reality,
a misty oblivion you help me disband.
Your glassy walls emanate mild heat
connecting me to this wintery world.
You who is filled with kind sweetness
stops me from becoming a lost girl
Even as warmth escapes your contents,
when you get emptied of everything.
You carry the burden of my teardrops
as if you’re a someone not a something.

Kissing is an art, one most master
Kissing slowly is better than faster

Kiss me slowly
Kiss me tenderly
Kiss me sweetly

Kiss me on the lips
Down to my finger tips

Delicately sample my nipples
Kiss it, tease it, rather simple

When done right, let me be precise
Kissing itself can be rather very nice

Kiss me slowly
Kiss me tenderly
Kiss me sweetly

Kiss my body inch by inch
Till it tickles and starts to flinch

Kiss me in the left and right ear
Whisper sweet words of passionate care

Kiss me by the neck
With little kisses called pecks

Kiss me hungrily in the mouth
Hear my groaning delicious shouts

Kiss me below and yonder
Till my juices begin to ponder
And turn on fire with desire

Kiss me slowly
Kiss me tenderly
Kiss me sweetly
Kiss me once, twice, thrice
Oooo! These kisses are very nice

Come closer and closer and closer,

till our heart connect like never before,
what all my heart yearn for is you and you alone.
Addicted to you like a child towards the sweet taste of candies,
the lonesome this holiday melt faster,
then the arrows of Cupid’s could ever pierce.


Mesmerize by your gorgeous smile,
my heart races as if it were a roller coaster,
racing to get to you and hold you tighter this holiday.
Spending time with you and you only
it’s beyond anything I could ever asked for,
being with you made me a rich man, as well as rich in love with you.
Kisses so sensational and ravishing,
it million times better than Christmas cookies,so great and wonderful,
it’s difficult to put down and not asked for much more.
It incredible how your beautiful eyes sparkles in the fire place
much brighter than the stars and teardrops,
and so captivate I got lost into those love eyes.
Singing along with the Christmas’ cheers,
or dancing around the floor like a fool,
it’s so adorable how you move with the rhythm of the beat,
laughing every time I laughed with praise.


Smiling all through the holidays and sharing the holiday’s spirit,
our hearts speak as Union, as I look into your eyes and down at your lips, our eyes speaks…
“Let’s Us Kiss This Holiday”.
P erfect is the only word that comes close to describing the man I lust for day and night
A lways thinking about him drives me to an insanity that I get addicted to
S  tanding near him makes me shake with desire as I lose control of my entire body and mind
S miling, oh yes, always smiling just by the thought of his body, his mind, and his spectacular eyes
I ntimate are all the moments we spend together as we can’t help but show our desire
O pen lips pressed together as our souls collide
N ot a moment wasted on trickery because he is all mine

We brought some poems on kiss day only for you.That blow your mind and give you beautiful felling for your partner.so,just enjoy.Special Rose Day 2016 Romantic Poems for ChildrenFeel Free to Share the Best Collection of Rose Day Romantic Poems 2016 with your love done

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